6 Proven Benefits of Marketing Automation

6 Proven Benefits of Marketing Automation to Enhance Your Business


Though not everyone may like the idea of a fully technologized way of business (we’re not quite ready to replace our staff with machines), there are some innovations that have made our lives much much easier. Marketing automation is one of them – saving businesses time and money on nurturing and converting leads and creating more effective marketing campaigns.


So what is marketing automation?


Well according to the automation software company Marketo, marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.”


Marketing automation assists both sales and marketing processes by automating tasks across numerous touch points that you or your team would perform manually, like emailing new customers or tracking leads from telephone or social media campaigns.


Automated doesn’t = generic email spam. In fact, marketing automation software can let you connect with potential and existing customers on a highly personal level. Here are the key benefits of marketing automation software in more detail:

The perks of marketing automation

  1. Nurture leads faster and easier

Automating initiatives such as welcome messages, or promotional discounts for people who have subscribed via your website or liked your social media pages, help you funnel leads from the first moment they engage with you. With increasingly complex paths to purchase, automation can help you communicate with customers at the right times for each customer journey, and through multiple online and offline touchpoints.

2. Segment your customers more effectively

Marketing automation software can help you efficiently segment leads based on factors like demographics, their interests or their lifecycle stages and behaviours. This way you can send more personalized messages which are relevant to your potential customers’ needs.

3.  Make your communications more targeted

By sending out an automated survey when someone subscribes to your mailing list or purchases from you, you can find out key details to craft targeted content for improved conversions. You can also use the software to look at people’s website patterns, like how long they’re on a certain website page or if they’ve opened your newsletter, which will help you target them at the right point in their buying journey.


4. Integrate your marketing platforms from CRM to analytics

A great benefit of marketing automation software is that it can be integrated with your CRM, task management and analytics platforms. This will not only help you better track leads and sales and marketing tasks, but it will also let you see what’s working and what strategies could be improved. Integrating all your marketing platforms via the software – your website, social media channels and email and SMS marketing etc. – helps with developing a more consistent brand presence and makes communication between you and your customers much easier.

5. Gain better insights to enhance your ROI

Automated marketing solutions can provide in-depth reporting on your individual campaigns and organize data for you. Gaining better insights into your customer profiles will ultimately allow you to test out new strategies, optimize your campaigns and reach out to your leads and customers in a more profitable way.


6. Save time and money on your marketing and sales tactics

Simply put, automation cuts the time you’d spend messaging people manually and prevents human error, which can additionally be a time and cost saver. And with timely and relevant communications to keep people engaged, you’ll be optimizing the long-term results of your campaigns for increased revenue. A VB Insight report on marketing automation found that “80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase.” Making the switch to conversion-focused automated software could help you reach new customers and increased your return from existing ones.


If you’re interested in marketing automation to optimize your marketing and sales processes, you can speak to us about the right software for your needs. We help businesses by implementing the best automated solutions and managing their activity so that they can focus on the campaigns that generate genuine results. To find out more, you can call us on +1 855 422 6224 or head to our contact page!