About Us

Why we became Internet Marketing Consultants

Evolved from a passion for helping people succeed

Jo Boudreaux, president and CEO of Boudreaux & Angel Marketing, has been in the computer information industry more than 30 years. She enjoys using her knowledge and experience to help people succeed. Jo started the journey toward building this agency in 2009 by creating websites for family, friends and non-profit organizations. As these websites gained popularity, more people and organizations requested that Jo build their website. To keep up with this demand Jo invited talented web designers and developers to join her team. Over the years she has also added SEO experts and other internet marketing professionals to help these websites and organizations grow and profit.

Terri Angel, our vice president, spent the last 36 years in retail marketing and brings a great deal of product marketing knowledge and insight. Terri also has a passion for helping people and is exceptionally good at helping them understand the technical aspects of digital marketing.

Terri and Jo believe that internet marketing is not rocket science, however, it is not simple until you learn how to do it correctly. Success includes a set of specialized skills, marketing tools and a desire to constantly learn new things. Here at Boudreaux & Angel Marketing, we continually learn and adapt our skills and systems as the marketing industry evolves and new channels emerge. Please contact us to see how we can help your organization thrive. Visit our blog if you are interested in learning more about internet marketing.

Boudreaux & Angel Marketing's Mission
We are the entrepreneur's marketing team
Our mission is to help entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge through digital analytics and innovative marketing strategies.

Our Team
Putting a face to the name
Jo Boudreaux - Internet Marketing Consultant
Jo Boudreaux
Terri Angel - Internet Marketing Consultant
Terri Angel