Supercharge Your SEO: 5 Key Ways to Improve Your Website’s Rankings

Supercharge Your SEO: 5 Key Ways to Improve Your Website’s Rankings

As we know, higher rankings in Google’s search results pages (SERPS) equates to more traffic to your website, which is key to your success online. However getting to the top of the search results for your area of expertise isn’t easy. There are hundreds of ranking factors which determine where and if your website will be seen by your potential customers, from how your website is built to your use of images and videos.


Although not all of these factors are known – Google likes to be secretive about how websites are ranked – there are some simple ways to boost your SEO. Improving your SEO will not only help you to be found more easily by your ideal audience, it will also help to improve their experience with your business online, which is great for business!


On-page SEO – your website

When evaluating your website, search engine algorithms will look at whether all components – links, metadata, images – are working properly and optimized for usability. They will scan your content and see if it relates to users searches, and also check things like how many pages people are viewing and how long they stay on them.


Here are 5 elements to consider when reviewing your website’s SEO performance:

On-page SEO

1# Optimize your content: content on your website means all text, images and videos – it’s quite a large chunk of it! It’s a must that your content is relevant, valuable and engaging, as search engines use it to determine what your business is and how it relates to users’ searches. Content must be written with keywords about your brand, products and services in mind, however it’s no use stuffing in as many as you can. Content has to read well and enhance the user experience otherwise you might be penalized for ‘keyword stuffing’. Duplicate content is also a no-no so try to make your content as unique as possible.
If you’re struggling with writing stellar content for your website then get a professional to do it for you. It will save you a lot of time and hassle!


2# Metadata: Metadata is small snippets of data which is used to describe individual pages on your website. This allows search engines to understand what each of your pages is all about. You’ll see your metadata come up in the SERPS like so:

Meta Tags describe website pages

Make sure you have meta tags, titles and descriptions on all site pages and that they’re relevant to each individual page.


3# Getting up to speed: A study from Kissmetrics found that 40% of website visitors will abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Yep, we all like things as quickly as possible nowadays, so improving your site’s load time could help to retain visitors and also boost your SEO. You can use online tools such as Pingdom, which will show you how long your website takes to load and each page element.


4# Internal links: How your site navigation is structured helps the search engines figure out the importance of each page. This means that the more links it has leading to it, the more authority it has and the higher it will rank in SERPS for relevant searches. Win! Therefore, audit your site and check that you’re linking to your most important pages like your key services page, instead of redundant pages with little content.

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5# URL structure: when it comes to your website domain, having a single one is generally better. So if you have a domain: and a subdomain:, these should be canonicalized to root more traffic to your website and improve its rankings. This may also be the case for pages with very similar or duplicate content, as this will split the ranking signals and could impede SEO. Keep your URLs relevant to each page by making use of keywords, and keeping them simple. For instance is better than


There is a lot to think about when evaluating your on-page SEO, however most of these key factors can be tweaked easily and will also help to improve your website for your users. For any more advice, you can chat to us about improving your online visibility with excellent SEO. Contact us today for a no obligation, free 30 minute consultation.