Your Google SEO News Round-up 2017

Your Google SEO News Round-up 2017


Google processes nearly 4.5 billion searches per day. As the largest search engine worldwide, with more than a 77% market share, increasing your visibility in Google’s search results should be central to your digital marketing efforts.


This is where SEO tactics focusing on things such as user intent, link building and quality content come in. Effectively applying these tactics will not only help Google give you preference in search, but you’ll be better able to engage your most valuable prospects and build a concrete brand identity. However, SEO is a changing and complex thing, which is why you’ll need to be proactive and consider relevant emerging trends and updates when developing your online marketing strategy. 


Here we’ll look at some of the major current and upcoming updates to Google and search optimization, which are all geared towards personalizing the user’s search experience.


Google My Business gives you better insights


Google My Business is a Google interface designed to make it easier for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence and connect with people on Search and Maps. Launched in 2014, Google My Business is especially beneficial for small businesses looking to be found by their local audiences.


So what’s new?


Well according to Evan Oder from Local Search Pros, two new reporting additions have been seen in some users’ main dashboards. He found insights on the amount of returning customers to a business, as well as the most popular times of business.



If you’re a local business using Google My Business, you could be able to find out what percentage of people have visited your store repeatedly over a selected time period. This insight is a great addition if you want to better convert and engage with repeat and more lucrative customers.

This preview of the potential new reporting insights could mean that they will be rolled out to all Google My Business users in the near future.


Your timeline on Google Maps iOS


Previously exclusive to Android devices, the Google Maps ‘Your Timeline’ feature will now be available to iOS users. Your Timeline in Maps lets you keep a record of places you’ve visited, whether a local restaurant or sights across the world. Google is now expanding this feature to include Apple users, which could help businesses with repeat purchases. To best take advantage of this update you’d need to be in the mapped listings (local snack packs) in Google search for your key search terms, shown below:



New features have also been added to the timeline, such as making it more customizable for users and initiating ‘Place cards’ to display more information about their previous visits.


Google’s mobile-first index


Since it was announced in 2015 that more people search on mobile than on desktop, Google has been favoring mobile-centric SEO efforts in its Search ranking process. And with the continued increase in mobile phone use and on-the-go search, Google has recently begun testing its mobile-first index. This update, which will be launched early next year, means that Google will use the mobile versions of your website pages to decide where you rank in search. It will resort to the desktop version if there is no available mobile version.

The update will affect both mobile and desktop users, so if your website isn’t yet mobile-friendly, it will impact on how you appear for desktop searches too. Here are our tips on getting up to speed with your mobile marketing



Suggested video clips


It appears that Google has been testing a potential new feature in Search – a “suggested clip”. The clip is a video answer displayed at the top of the search results pages, which when clicked on skips straight to a specific point. For instance, instead of having to wait and watch the introduction in how-to videos, the suggested clip will jump straight to the answer you’re looking for.


Videos will continue to thrive as a form of online content and are an essential SEO tool. Forrester estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words of text in the message communicated. So with this potential update focusing on video in Search, you might want to look at how videos could work for your business.


The Mobile Future


Google is placing more emphasis on its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project to improve the search experience for mobile users. The project was initiated to provide faster-loading web pages for people browsing on their mobile devices. Now after launching its Top Stories AMP carousel last year, Google has added a “related picks” feature which shows underneath the stories.


If you have a ‘top story’ that is AMP formatted you could come into the Top Stories carousel for related search terms. The related picks feature expands the potential for your content to be seen and provides it in a way that encourages your audience to better engage with you.


In addition, Google has developed “similar items” in mobile image search results. This feature could well display additional product images and links which relate to the search. You can find out how to make your product images eligible for “similar items” here.




Again, these updates highlight the value of making your website mobile optimized, as well as the prominence of image and more interactive forms of content in the marketing mix.


Applying the latest trends and updates into your own SEO strategy does take time and a continuous effort, however doing so will help you be seen, stand out above the competition and secure your place in the top results in Google Search. If you’d like help with setting up your SEO strategy or with your online marketing needs, why not call us for a free 30 minute consultation? Head to our Contact page to get started.